PUBLICATION : « Object-field. The multi-resolution study of topological optimization » de Samuel Bernier-Lavigne

Le plus récent article du professeur Samuel Bernier-Lavigne, « Object-field. The multi-resolution study of topological optimization », est publié dans la revue Agathon. À consulter en ligne, en format pdf.


Since the integration of digital tools into architectural design, we have observed a certain reassessment of the notion of ‘structure’, taking us far from known and usually studied schemes. Following the advancement in simulation and topological optimization, we will expose the key projects, study their level of performance, but also underline a common limit: their formal logic defined by this process. We believe that a solution to this limit lies in a change of scale in the design method, with multi-resolution systems, where each grain of matter can adapt to the structural information present at the macro scale. Thus, we propose a design research project exploring this game of scale through four object-fields, objects which are formally autonomous, but nevertheless express their internal structural field with microscopic translation of topological optimization.


Samuel Bernier-Lavigne, « Object-field. The multi-resolution study of topological optimization » in International Journal of Architecture, Art and Design, Vol 7 (2020): FROM MEGA TO NANO | THE COMPLEXITY OF A MULTSCALAR PROJECT