Nouvelle publication du GRAP

L’équipe du Groupe de recherche en ambiances physiques (GRAP) vient de publier un nouvel article «Exploring light and colour patterns for remote biophilic northern architecture»


This research explores the effects of light in terms of colour, surface colour configuration and finishes using simple and advanced methods in the development of biophilic lighting ambiances for remote northern architecture. Biophilic light and colour design can benefit inhabitants of subarctic regions, where drastic changes in the natural photoperiod can impact the mind and body. To predict the outcomes of light and colour, this research used reduced-scale models that replicate a north-oriented room and a specially designed mirror-box sky simulator, which emulates the lighting conditions and correlated colour temperature (CCT) of a northern sky. Physical models with distinct surface colour properties and the use of high dynamic range imagery (HDRi) techniques allow the recognition of quantitative effects and lighting attributes of main hue families such as red, green, blue and yellow. The results reveal that the colour and the surface colour configuration significantly modify the spectral properties of a lit ambiance measured in Equivalent Melanopic Lux (EML) and CCT. Surface colour configuration and finishes produce variations in the luminous attributes measured in intensity contrast. This combination of simple and innovative tools could predict light and colour effects in early design stages for responsive architecture in subarctic territories.