Georges Teyssot en conférence au Berlage Institute des Pays-Bas

Georges Teyssot présentait récemment, le 7 mars dernier, une conférence au Berlage – Center for Advances Studies in Architecture and Urban Design

Visionnez la conférence: A Topology of the Everyday

Inhabited spaces present themselves as institutions that open places for life, offer shelter and refuge, command the precepts of domesticity, and set the rules of hospitality. Such spaces are also places where human technics and technology can mature, as well as sites to rest or linger, stay or dwell. Today these sites connect to the seductively alive nomadic devices of our everyday life. Stretching the contours of our dyadic spheres, they perform experiments in which bodies become primary node of technological mediation. Bodies’ aliveness depends on prosthetic and aesthetic links to silicon-based, machine-like phyla. As such, the relation between intimate and “extimate” assumes a quasi-topological nature, a condition in which the interior is turned into an exterior, like in a Möbius strip. 
The Berlage