Conférence de Jean Verville à ARCHITEKTOUR BERLIN

Le professeur Jean Verville sera en conférence au ARCHITEKTOUR BERLIN ce jeudi 29 avril 2021 à 13h00 (heure de Berlin).

ARCHITEKTOUR BERLIN est un événement annuel qui, dans le but de stimuler les échanges et les questionnement sur une thématique donnée, rassemble une multitude de conférenciers œuvrant dans le monde du design. 

Texte fourni :

ARCHITEKTOUR BERLIN 2021  present  Experimental living a lecture by Jean Verville Phd art, Architecte principal at studio Jean Verville architectes et Professor at school of architecture, Laval University, Canada

Architect and professor at the School of Architecture at Laval University, Jean Verville calls upon play, humor, and self-mockery in his professional practice as well as in his teaching approach. A playful creator, it is with apparent lightness and casualness that he presents his thoughts on relationships with domestic space, as well as on the role and capacity of architecture to transform everyday life.

Observing with amusement the impacts of popular culture, Verville invites individual appropriations that underline the attributes and omnipresence of architectural space. Celebrating the multiplicity of perceptions, his deliberately imperfect digital collages shape baroque fantasies where the discernment between architecture and personal imagination is disputed in order to evoke traces of childhood, like doubt about the veracity of images as well as the plausible banality of ordinary life.

ArchitekTOUR Berlin Germany 2021

As always, the future begins in the here and now – through mutual exchange, learning from innovative ideas and projects, and above all, by thinking ahead and reflecting with others. Since 2010, the Heinze ArchitekTOUR has been an enriching, thought-provoking event that addresses these questions every year with competence and vision. The popular series offers planners, architects and engineers not only inspiring specialist lectures and a varied programme during unsettled times, it is important to pursue novel paths, which is why the ArchitekTOUR 2021 will be taking place in a virtual format for the third time now. From 19 April to 14 May, the industry will convene in the digital arena to discuss ‘perspectives for the building of tomorrow’. In addition to numerous speakers from the architecture and research fields who will report live from the studio, their office or directly from their latest project.