Claude Demers et André Potvin, auteurs de deux chapitres dans le livre « Experiential Walks for Urban Design »

Les professeurs Claude Demers et André Potvin sont les auteurs de 2 chapitres dans le livre « Experiential Walks for Urban Design », Springer 2021:

« Interior-Exterior Ambiances: Environmental Transitions in the Recollection of an Urban Stroll

Abstract An Ambiance Partition suggests a representation medium that provides an insight of simultaneous experiences occurring during an urban experiential walk. The Partition has emerged from an interdisciplinary research seminar on the reading, measurement and notation of in situ experiences, which also refers to well-known activities in music. This exploratory research generated a structure for the atmospheric translations of the complexity of existing environments.

Ambiance Partition: An Interdisciplinary Reading, Measurement, and Notation of in Situ Experiences.

Abstract A multisensory representation of physical ambiances is proposed to translate experimented sequences of an urban walk through interior and exterior public spaces over time. Beyond the exploration of the series of environmental transitions that inevitably occur through such a walk, the paper addresses the importance of data representation to expand the discussion of physical ambiances in the built environment. Existing spaces offer invaluable sources of embodied knowledge for architects and urban designers and can potentially provide a thor- ough understanding of ambiances both physically and perceptually.