Benito Sanchez-Montanes Macias présente: « Design as the main key of energy management in architecture »

à l'Amphithéâtre de l'École d'architecture (2117)

«BENITO SÁNCHEZ-MONTAÑÉS MACÍAS holds a Ph. D. in Architecture from the University of Seville (Spain) where he is Lecturer of Architectural Composition and Environmentally-Oriented Projects, in the Department of Architectural Composition at the School of Architecture of the University of Seville.

His specialization in Architecture ranges from Heritage and Restoration to Environmental Sciences, obtaining degrees and Masters in such subjects around Europe. He has held in the last few years several Research Projects with his Research Group “Composición, Arquitectura Y Medio Ambiente”, concerning environmental matters.

He has lectured in several institutions such Universities and public forums and published academic papers, essays and articles about the subjects of his specialization. In this moment he is the vice-president of the Asociación Española de Bio-construcción (Eco-building Spanish Association). From 1992 develops most of his work on this field under his own firm “Emediez arquitectos” or as associated consultant with “Bioinnova – Proyectos sostenibles”, building and assisting hundreds of cases.

He’s currently involved in the Seville cultural and creative life, running the Art Gallery Sala Maravillas.»