Practical information


Passports will be needed for individuals flying or driving from the United States or flying from overseas. Travel and health insurance are the responsibility of course participants.


Students must arrive at the course site on the Sunday preceding the start of classes, at the very latest. Participants can fly or take a train or bus to Gaspé and then take a taxi to Cap-des-Rosiers, or drive to Gaspe. Car-pooling can be arranged for those travelling from Quebec City.

On-site transportation

A University-rented van will be provided for course-related travel on site. If additional cars are needed, students will be asked to pay a small fee to reimburse the owner of the car for its use.


Weather can be unpredictable in May and June—come prepared for rain and cold, wind and sunshine. Waterproof boots and outerwear could prove very useful. Also bring a warm hat, gloves, and sunglasses. Because we’ll be working in and around unfamiliar buildings and sites, bring a pair of heavy shoes/hiking boots to work in, ones that have a good thick sole and ankle support, and clothes you do not mind getting dirty or torn. On days we meet in class or with members of the community, casual wear is fine. For the public presentation a change of better clothes will be appropriate (formal wear is not necessary, just something nicer than jeans). Outdoor enthusiasts might like to bring their equipment to enjoy the natural surroundings in their free time, ex. wet-suit for kayaking.

Items to bring

Please bring the following, if you have them:

  • Portable computer (laptop or small desktop, PC or Mac). The following software will be used: Autocad for drawing, SketchUp for virtual modelling, Word for writing, and Adobe suite programs for other graphics;
  • Digital camera, cables for downloading images, batteries and charger;
  • A sketch notebook and your favourite pens, pencils, mechanical pencils and erasers;
  • Any other art supplies (for instance watercolours, pastels, charcoal…);
  • Model-making tools (cutting mat and knives for cardboard, glue, easily transportable model-making materials). It is advisable that all materials required for drawing or building models be purchased prior to arriving in Gaspe;
  • Hard-hat (if you have one), gardening or construction gloves, and a flashlight and/or head lamp with batteries


Basic services are available in Cap-des-Rosiers: a Caisse populaire (bank), and a post office. In Rivière-au-Renard, a 20-minute drive, you will find several grocery and convenience stores, restaurants, drug stores, gas stations, a medical clinic, etc. Similar services are available in Gaspé, 40 minutes by road from Cap-des-Rosiers.

Regional Information

For additional information about the place (maps, activities, etc.)

Gaspé Tourism Office
1-8, rue de la Marina
Gaspé, Québec G4X 3B1
Telephone: 418 368-8525
Fax: 418 368-8549